Why Me?

We cannot change the field of medicine without fundamentally changing the way in which it is practiced. Once you’ve been through the battery of tests and procedures, with or without results, you still need to make sense of the illness. I help people make sense of what has happened, and in the process we often find improvements that we can make in their lives.

Many doctors are better than I am within their medical philosophies and specialties. My role is one of broad perspective, nonjudgmental assessment of all your treatment plans. I’ve seen radiation, faith healing, surgeries and distance energy work for different people, but I can provide context and assessment without having a stake in whether you get a second surgery or you need to sign up for that private German health spa cure.  

If I am not familiar with a disease process, procedure, or treatment, I will educate myself and I am glad to learn from or teach any health care practitioner. I spend a great deal of time with my patients and get to know them as people rather than diseases. We do not stop trying to heal the whole person simply because conventional medicine does not have a name for an illness.

Beyond my patients, I focus on having a balanced life, and limit the number of patients I see. When I sit down with patients I want to give them an uninterrupted visit so I do not respond to telephone calls during the day. When I can get back to you, you get me and not someone else. Email is the most efficient way to get a response: docmaloneynd@gmail.com.