How Much?

For returning patients, I need to charge the same rate as other N.D.s in the area for the same amount of time. 

I see returning patients on Saturday mornings, from 8 to 11, and Mondays from 9 t0 2.  For a 75 minute appointment, I charge $150. Many of you have had deals with me over the years, but I’m not able to keep them in the new space. For those of you who simply cannot do $150, I will consider doing much shorter appointments in the future. Email me for an appointment time:

Could they write a book about you? Come to me, because I do.

If you want me to write a book with you, how much will it cost?

Short answer: One thousand dollars for three visits and accompanying research.

Longer answer: I work for people, and charge based on what I need to live and what my patients have told me is fair. 

Longest answer: This is both very, very expensive, and dirt cheap. Let me explain.

Before our first visit, I will spend hours working on your case. That includes reading medical records and researching all the most recent conventional treatments (most of us don’t realize that different flagship medical centers influence treatment so different regions of the country may differ in their treatments).

Our first visit will go over everything in your case, your hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Then I will put in between twenty and thirty hours of research on your case, another ten hours compiling that research (making sense of it) and summarizing it in an understandable way.

Our second visit will have me explaining what I found followed by us working out your life treatment plan and discussing how to make it happen.

On our third visit we go over what has worked and what hasn’t. At the end we say our goodbyes and go off to our own adventures.

 A Maine family doctor charges around $150 for fifteen minutes ($600 an hour). If you could book her for four hours, it would cost over $1000. Twenty hours of research from any medically qualified researcher might run around $50 an hour. Again, we have the sum of around $1000 for the research alone.

Thinking about it in another way, in hiring me you are not hiring me for a few visits, you are hiring me for the week. An entire week devoted to your case. To my knowledge, you can’t buy that anywhere in the world. Maybe someday there will be more of us.

If you would like to be added to my want-a-book waitlist, please email me:

Thank you!