The Colon Cancer Diet: Chapter One

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Chapter 1: Who Needs This Book?

I did. When I was diagnosed in November of 2015 with Colon Cancer, I went looking for this book. Given the avalanche of diet books, I figured someone had written one for me. No luck. So I set out to find out what I should be eating as a newly diagnosed colon cancer patient, and ended up creating what I needed.

You need this book if you or someone you love is dealing with the terror of colon cancer. Unless the entire medical model has shifted since this book was published, you won’t find anything like it written by someone  who is both a patient and a doctor.

If you have a history of colon cancer in your family you need this book. We have been told family history matters more and diet and lifestyle matter less than they really do.

I wrote this book to provide a framework for those of us who have been diagnosed with colon cancer who are trying to live as best we can between blood work, lab tests, and doctors’ visits. With you in mind I made it short, sweet, and hopefully a little funny because God knows we could use a laugh.

What makes me qualified to write this book? For over a decade before I got my diagnosis I’d been in family practice, working with patients who didn’t fit the conventional medical model. These are people who are told to live with it or to go home and get their affairs in order. So I’d seen my share of metastatic cancer patients. And no, I didn’t magically cure anyone, though several cured themselves. I can’t take credit for someone else’s miracle. As a Naturopathic doctor of last resort, I was very conservative and didn’t make crazy promises or promote extreme treatments.

I saved the extreme treatments for my personal life. When I tried something like weight loss, I tried everything. Every diet under the sun. They all worked short term. Extreme measures can be effective and they get old quickly. I’d soon “fall off the wagon” and regain the weight.

But when I got colon cancer, all the weight just dropped off me. It has stayed away far more easily than ever before. I’ve got this motivation program I call “the screaming fear of death” that really helps me keep the pounds off. Be careful what you wish for.

Given my background as someone who regularly sees “incurable” patients and tries to come up with treatments, I spend far more time researching than is healthy. Since my diagnosis I’ve cut down my hours at the computer, but I still have a knack for finding things well after others would have thrown in the towel. So, while you could spend well over a hundred hours yourself looking up everything, I can save you time by explaining in English rather than medicalese. If you count in all the years I spent learning medicalese (which is like Chinese but more boring) so I could translate for you, then this book is a real bargain.

My hope is that by the time you finish reading these few pages you’ll know what you can do to help yourself and those you love live longer with a diagnosis of colon cancer, as well as what you can tell your family to help them avoid it.

Read more for free at smashwords, order from Amazon, or the audiobook is available at audible.