Colon Cancer Diet Research

Welcome to my research page! I’m glad we share an excitement for the raw data.

For ease in answering questions, I’ve linked each statement to the medline research abstract. Just click on the statement to have the study open up in a new window for your reading pleasure. The web is constantly changing, so let me know if any of these links are no longer working.

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Chapter 2: Finding the Colon Cancer Diet.

Chapter 3: Does It Run In Your Family?

Chapter 4: What Causes 95% Of Colon Cancer?

Chapter 5: What To Avoid

Chapter 6: What To Eat

Chapter 7: What To Eat On Chemo And Radiation

Chapter 8: Extreme Diets

Chapter 9: Supplements

Chapter 10: Does Exercise Help With Colon Cancer?

Chapter 11: Anaerobic Vs. Aerobic Exercise.

Chapter 12: A Call For More Research.

Remission is great, but what about survival rates? Of those patients Huber tracked, 36% of those who ate sugar survived. But in the patients who avoided sugar, the survival rate was 83%. Yes, that’s enough to make me want to avoid all sugar for a long time to come.

Unfortunately, some cancer cells can make the cells around them their “zombie slaves” and those cells produce the compounds they need even if sugar isn’t available. That paradox is the “reverse Warburg effect“. These cells surrounding the cancer will protect it from any efforts to kill it off by depriving it of sugar.