The Colon Cancer Diet


Thank you for looking out for yourself and your loved ones!

In my short, simple book, The Colon Cancer Diet, I lay out diet and exercise rules that could cut your risk of getting colon cancer again (recurrence) in half. Better yet, you should easily understand them and be able to tell me what they are in less than a minute.

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How did I come to write a book about Colon Cancer?

When I came down with colon cancer (which makes it sound like a cold) I wanted to find a supportive, informed doctor who would give me diet and lifestyle advice to help me stay alive longer.

But my choices seemed to be between a conventional shoulder shrug (we don’t know) and alternative cancer diets that bordered on the criminal. (No soup for you!)

So I put together all the research I could find and made a book full of medicalese and footnotes.

Boy, didn’t that make you excited to buy the book? Yeah, me neither. When you’re hurting it’s hard enough to get through the Sunday funny pages. We don’t need someone to hand us a pile of medical studies, we want “just the facts.”

So I tore thcoverat book apart and made a second book that is much, much shorter and easier. A set of simple guidelines that the best research we have says will increase your odds of living longer even though you’ve got a colon cancer diagnosis. By the end, you should be able to tell me three things in under a minute that might cut in half your risk of recurrence and death from colon cancer.

No, I’m not exaggerating. That’s  actually a conservative estimate based on the the studies available. What you do from now on, even though you’ve already been given the cancer diagnosis, can really help you stay alive.

Order electronically on kindle or smashwords (everyone else). Books can be purchased through Createspace or Amazon.

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I really want the research you used for the book.

You’re a doctor, why did you get colon cancer?

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Terrified? I was. So I wrote a book about being terrified, how I’ve grieved, and just published that as well. I call it Walking In The Valley Of The Shadow. It’s me talking about wrestling with God and death after getting my diagnosis.

  It’s still pretty terrifying, but I’m doing better than I was.