Healing Your Back Of Chronic Pain: Reversing Habitual Responses

Got Back Pain?

Have you tried stretches, rest, and pain medication without success? Thinking about surgery?

The pain relief you seek might be closer than you think. In this short, researched book, Dr. Maloney explains how habitual pain responses can be caused by both physical and emotional triggers.

Where can you get this magnificent book? I’ve made it as easy as I can.

For the print-only folks, there’s an Amazon print book.

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There, I’ve covered everyone. I will also be uploading the book for translation into other languages, so let me know if you’ve got a burning desire to read it in Portuguese, Spanish, French, or Italian. 

Move beyond stretching exercises and mental self-therapy to combine the best of both with new research on the programming of our muscles. Read Dr. Maloney’s review of the existing options and save yourself time, money and grief when you find your own path to healing.

When he was twelve years old, Christopher Maloney found out he had a “bad back.” But decades later Dr. Christopher Maloney, N.D., doesn’t live in chronic pain. He has worked for years to discover solutions beyond the conventional. In the process, Dr. Maloney discovered a map of back pain. He has used that map to help hundreds of people with back pain and now shares the map with the world.

Before he became a doctor, Dr. Maloney gave massages to friends and family members. In clinic, he became a sought-after last resort for unrelieved back and neck pain. As Dr. Maloney went into practice, he found that bodywork done over time with patient participation resulted in far better outcomes. In the process, patients released habitual responses that had troubled them for years.

Healing Your Back of Chronic Pain contains the research behind Dr. Maloney’s treatment of the back. It discusses the shortcomings of existing treatments and suggests combining treatments for better results. Dr. Maloney gives an overview of his map of the back, along with patient examples that worked. Then he gives advice on how to map your own back. Ever a realist, Dr. Maloney ends his book with ten things patients should try before resorting to surgery. Short, researched, and direct, Healing Your Back of Chronic Pain combines classic common sense with cutting-edge research.

By the time patients finish Healing Your Back of Chronic Pain, they should know why their current treatments haven’t worked long-term, how to combine treatments, and at come away with at least one new idea for relieving their back pain.