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I’ve been writing since I was ten, but started fiction at the late age of twelve. The catalyst was a pulp science fiction novel I wanted to continue, so I wrote the next few chapters for myself. At the time I didn’t know what “fan fiction” even was, so I thought I’d invented it. 

When I was working in Singapore I was so distressed by the gap between Harry Potter installments I wrote my first book, a PG-rated magical fairy fantasy for my sons. It went through the publishing houses, and I eventually self-published (with the books still in my basement to prove it). Here’s Morgan and the Other Side of the Stone.

My boys preferred video games to any of the classics, so I wrote a series of books for them about pirates and vampires and the undead who hunt them. Along the way I snuck in a lot of historical facts, foreign swear words, and the court of Louis XIV. I just published the entire series on kindle, with the paperbacks to follow.

In my own life science-fiction comedy has been a God sent. I wrote Everest Jones strictly as my response to Terry Pratchett’s passing. My apologies – it is full of fat and fart jokes – but if that’s your style of humor, check out the angry robot.

I also was deeply impacted by my wife’s work on domestic violence. So, with the help of a trained counselor, I wrote a short, very dark book about the emotional difficulties of those who live with abuse. For those of us who don’t understand the hopelessness and lack of self-esteem of the abused, I created Siofra, a girl who is becoming a dark Fairy but who thinks she’s dying. Beyond the violence in the first chapter, it is an accurate portrayal of the complex emotions around abuse.

Since I live next to a graveyard, I also wrote a book for a young woman who died at seventeen. It’s not quite Austen or steam-punk, but a good story nonetheless. 

My current fiction involves an exploration of dark matter on a local level. I’ve written two books along the fantasy line, but I’m bogged down thinking about how to portray extra dimensions.  

Every night I tell my boys a fresh story, so many of those I’ve written up on a blog called daily stories for children. They run the range of whatever comes into my head. 

Again, thanks for your interest!