I became a Doctor when I could not find the kind
of Doctor I needed to see.

Then I became an author when I could not find the books I needed to read.

  • In my books, I simplify complex medical thoughts backed up by the latest research to help you take control of your health.
  • Have you ever been confused or dismayed by the seemingly
    contradictory information about diet, nutrition, and the
    organisms living in and on you right now?
  • Have you ever asked a question and spent hours reading and
    searching only to find conflicting information and unreliable
  • Is your current health plan sort of a hope-and-pray approach?
  • How well do you know your own body and what to expect?
  • I distill the research into easy to
    read guides, using metaphors from everyday life to simplify
    complex health issues. Tell me what you want to see researched at: docmaloneynd@gmail.com.

Your health is your most important investment. Maybe it’s time
to start looking at the long term.